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  • It seems a strange question to ask a farmer, who owns their farm? They’ll know, won’t they? Or a business owner, who owns their office or factory?   Owning properties can be complicated enough when there’s no business involved with the interaction of trusts with ownership and the differences between legal, beneficial and equitable titles; […]

  • This is a question I am asked quite frequently.  Once you have decided on your dream home and you have secured your financing you then have to deal with all the legal paperwork.  This can be daunting for some people as there are “searches”, “titles”, “covenants”, “easements”, “exchange” and “completion” – a whole new vocabulary. […]

  • As we get older it becomes more and more important that we ensure that our affairs are in order.  Llys Cennen Solicitors always advise that our clients should have a will and a Lasting Power of Attorney form in place (please see previous blogs).  Unfortunately it is sometimes the case that for whatever reason, people […]

  • “Following the calling of the General Election the changes to probate fees proposed are scrapped, but watch this space after June the 8th…”

  • Robert Chote of the Office of Budget Responsibility has just estimated that charging probate fees proportionate to the value of the estate would bring in as much as £300million for the Revenue annually and should be now classed as a tax. This secondary inheritance charge, whether a tax or not, should now be taken into […]

  • It is estimated that two thirds of us have not made a will and believe that their next of kin will automatically receive their assets when they die. This is not always the case.   Subject to the size of the estate even a married couples’ assets may not all go to the surviving spouse. While […]

  • Under the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 new legal obligations are imposed on landlords who rent property in Wales. Under the Act all landlords in Wales must become registered with Rent Smart Wales. This obligation commenced on the 23rd November 2015 and landlords have a year to comply. Therefore by the 23rd November 2016 if you […]

  • The heading is an old quotation warning that even an expert should take independent legal advice. A recent case suggests that this may now be even more true for non-qualified people than was previously the case. A Claimant or Defendant who represents themselves are known as litigants in person. Since the demise of legal aid […]

  • In a tough financial climate it may be tempting to try and save money by trying to take out a Grant of Probate in an estate without the assistance of a solicitor. Recent figures released from the High Court however suggest that this could be a false economy. Figures from the Chancery Division of the […]

  • Everyone likes a bargain and buying a homemade will pack from a High Street shop or from the internet appears a cheap alternative to going to see a solicitor, especially as the perceived costs of making a will with a solicitor are usually far higher than the actual cost. Some people assume the making of […]

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