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  • There are many reasons people give for not having made a will, these include: A perception as to the cost of making a will through a solicitor. An assumption that everything will just go to their “next of kin” in any case. A belief that they don’t have sufficient assets to bother with a will. […]

  • A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a powerful legal document which allows you to choose who you would want to look after your affairs if you were unable to do so yourself for example due to lack of mental capacity. A LPA should not be confused with a Will as they perform totally different […]

  • There are big changes afoot in the Land Registry which could see the loss rights that have been in place for over a thousand years. Nothing demonstrates the hold that the middle ages have over the modern day law of England and Wales more than manorial rights. Profits a Prendre and appurtenant rights still strike […]