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  • It seems a strange question to ask a farmer, who owns their farm? They’ll know, won’t they? Or a business owner, who owns their office or factory?   Owning properties can be complicated enough when there’s no business involved with the interaction of trusts with ownership and the differences between legal, beneficial and equitable titles; […]

  • This is a question I am asked quite frequently.  Once you have decided on your dream home and you have secured your financing you then have to deal with all the legal paperwork.  This can be daunting for some people as there are “searches”, “titles”, “covenants”, “easements”, “exchange” and “completion” – a whole new vocabulary. […]

  • “Following the calling of the General Election the changes to probate fees proposed are scrapped, but watch this space after June the 8th…”

  • Robert Chote of the Office of Budget Responsibility has just estimated that charging probate fees proportionate to the value of the estate would bring in as much as £300million for the Revenue annually and should be now classed as a tax. This secondary inheritance charge, whether a tax or not, should now be taken into […]

  • Spring may not have sprung yet, the proverbial March winds and April showers seem to have all come together in January and February. It’s the time of year though that people turn their attention to their houses and many think of moving on. Since 2008 the majority of our conveyancing transactions have been short chains, […]

  • Blue Monday. Not the New Order song, but the day sociologists say is the most unhappy of the year – 6/1/14. Christmas bills, bad weather, starting back at work. Research shows that families are under most strain now and the divorce rate spikes. The good news is, Blue Monday has been and gone. The days […]

  • Croeso i wêfan Llys Cennen, welcome to our website. It’s fitting that the site went live just before national small business day on the 7th December, it’s almost as if we planned it… There have been some notable milestones in the firm’s history. In 2004 the three of us became partners and started the modernisation […]

  • There are big changes afoot in the Land Registry which could see the loss rights that have been in place for over a thousand years. Nothing demonstrates the hold that the middle ages have over the modern day law of England and Wales more than manorial rights. Profits a Prendre and appurtenant rights still strike […]