Blue Monday. Not the New Order song, but the day sociologists say is the most unhappy of the year – 6/1/14. Christmas bills, bad weather, starting back at work.

Research shows that families are under most strain now and the divorce rate spikes.

The good news is, Blue Monday has been and gone. The days are getting longer, Spring will be here soon.

And, whilst we can’t make all of Blue Monday’s causes go away, least of all the weather, we can help with some of the symptoms.

We can give advice on debt matters and employment difficulties. The Police are also busy this time of the year. We are on call 24 hrs to the Police Station – if you get the dreaded call to say one of your family is in, just tell them to ask for us.

And if the build up of things means you get past the point of no return, we are qualified Family Mediators. That means we can sit down with couples to try and resolve the issues around divorce early in the process, hopefully avoiding making an already stressful matter any longer or more difficult than it needs to be.

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