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  • It is estimated that two thirds of us have not made a will and believe that their next of kin will automatically receive their assets when they die. This is not always the case.   Subject to the size of the estate even a married couples’ assets may not all go to the surviving spouse. While […]

  • Everyone likes a bargain and buying a homemade will pack from a High Street shop or from the internet appears a cheap alternative to going to see a solicitor, especially as the perceived costs of making a will with a solicitor are usually far higher than the actual cost. Some people assume the making of […]

  • There are many reasons people give for not having made a will, these include: A perception as to the cost of making a will through a solicitor. An assumption that everything will just go to their “next of kin” in any case. A belief that they don’t have sufficient assets to bother with a will. […]