Llys Cennen Solicitors are pleased to confirm that they have joined Legal Network Wales in an exciting new venture to ensure the best possible service to our clients.

For a number of years Llys Cennen Solicitors have been a member of Connect2Law, a network of Solicitors firms who would refer work to each other, via a hub firm, in our case Hugh James Solicitors, so that clients could receive specialist advice in such areas such as clinical negligence.

Recent developments have meant that a number of the hub firms to Connect2Law have left the network including Hugh James Solicitors. As such a new network, Legal Network Wales, has been established by Hugh James Solicitors, the largest solicitors firm in Wales.

While Llys Cennen Solicitors continue to offer a very broad range of legal services to the community, due to the extremely specialised nature of the law in certain areas, such as clinical negligence and NHS continued care claims, it is impossible for a high street practice to offer a service in all aspects of the law. By joining Legal Network Wales therefore we are ensuring that we are able to make a referral or recommendation to an established firm of solicitors with a high degree of specialism in any particular area of law while still assisting our clients in relation to any other matters they may have.


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